This summer I joined the Malibu community and got the opportunity to try out their new summer drinks, Passionfruit flavoured rum & Pina Colada cans.

The Passionfruit flavoured rum is now my go-to pre drink base as it’s packed with flavour & refreshing to sip all evening! Mix with just lemonade or I’ve successfully made some tropical flavoured cocktails (which went down a treat with my friends!)

Here’s the recipe (very simple & not many ingredients required):

2 Parts Malibu Passion Fruit

1 Part Lime juice

1 Half passion fruit squeezed

2 Spoons granulated sugar

Soda water to top.

More cocktail inspo…

The Pina Colada cans – I’m a big lover of cocktails and these little gems are the ultimate festival companion as they are pre-mixed and easy to carry! Also, try the pineapple & cola cans, they’re tasty too.

From Brighton Gay Pride to holidaying in Croatia, I’ve taken the taste of the Caribbean with me, as you can see!


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