Hope you all had a fab-u-lous Saturday yesterday, it was a beaut day in Sussex! Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the sunshine as I woke up and felt the need to do a Spring clean in my bedroom and bathroom.

So, last night, after a long day of tidying, before going to bed I decided to give my Spacemask a try – it was a gift in my Select a Box parcel that my dear friend Daniella sent me (second mention this week!).

Being presumptuous, I didn’t bother reading the instructions or do my research beforehand. I went straight to the bathroom to perform my normal pre-mask routine (wash and cleanse face). I got the mask out of the packaging and to my surprise, an eye mask popped out with two hoops for my ears. Slightly puzzled, I thought it would be a good idea to read the instructions!


It’s a Jasmine infused self-heating eye mask – no water or wash off after – lovely stuff!

So, I went back up to my bedroom, turned on the ‘Relax & Unwind’ playlist on Spotify, laid down on my bed and put the mask on.

It heated up very quickly, as you can see from my results picture, around my eyes it went slightly pink.

It was a really lovely experience and it did what it said it would do – whisk me away to a carefree world for 15! It gave me time to just chill, rest my eyes and to think about things without distraction, which was needed as I have a lot on my mind lately. PLUS, I had a great night sleep and my eyes don’t feel puffy at all this morning, which makes a change!

The only downside to my experience was that I didn’t smell the ‘essence of Jasmine’, however, I’m sure it is in there, perhaps my nose was having an ‘off’ day. 

I would say, Spacemasks are a perfect gift idea for busy Mum’s, late night office workers, long-haul flights or even if you struggle to take 15 now and then, this surely is a great excuse!

I will definitely be buying more from 

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 17.39.54


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