Hey everyone,

So after not wearing any makeup or skin product for the last few days (I had a few days off work recovering from my SVT Ablation), I thought today was time to get back into my skincare/ makeup routine.

Bondi Sands – Liquid Gold Tanning Oil

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I personally prefer not to be pale, I look washed out and I get comments from people saying I look tired, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, I am not actually tired when they say this, it is just my pale face and bags under my eyes. So, moral of this short story – never say to a girl they look tired!

Anyway, my friend Daniella introduced this product to me about 5 months ago and it is life changing especially for a serial fake tanner like myself. Too many nights I have walked around the house in the ugliest pyjamas, my skin feeling tacky and having to squat over the toilet seat to avoid a tanned toilet, while I wait to develop for 4 hours or more.

Well not anymore! This fantastic product is quick and easy tanning in 5! Still using an application mitt, I personally prefer to use it every other day as it is still a gradual tanning product, it soaks into the skin and stays even after my next shower.

I apply a thin layer which at first doesn’t make my skin look much darker but trust me, it gradually develops into a natural-looking tan as the day goes on.

After a couple of minutes, the tanning oil should be dry and makeup can be applied like normal. TIP: If you want even quicker results, blast the hairdryer on a low heat.

I would recommend this for during the week, but for a more darker coverage for going ‘out out’ I would stick with the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam!


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Dr. Sebagh – Serum Repair

This is not a product I would usually buy (too expensive), in fact, I didn’t buy it, it was a gift in my Liberty London Calendar 2017. However, I would say it is my most used product from that calendar as I really see results.

Having done some research when I got it, it seems like this little magic potion has already won awards for its intensively moisturising, tightening and toning the skin.

Every morning, I apply a few drops under my eyes and across my forehead after I have washed my face, then massage gently into the skin until I feel the hyaluronic acid soaking in.

Honestly, girls and boys, when I use this there are NO MORE BAGS!!


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